Sunday, March 30, 2008

Backlash to Earth Hour/Backlash to Sarah Marshall

A quick follow up on a story reported on yesterday at GSpot.

Check this pretty pessimistic Op Ed from The Digital Journal in response to the global initiative, Earth Hour, that occurred yesterday. The reader's comments following Digital Journal writer David Silverberg's opinion piece on the futility if not adverse effects of Earth Hour, are in strong agreement with the writer. From these comments, it seems as though people are sick of "awareness campaigns" like this one, Live Earth, (which functions like but with a black screen.)

But here's the thing: from a GSpotting perspective, it's all good. Which is to say that debate and public discourse on the merit and actual impact of green awareness campaigns, eco- innovation, and environmental policy in both government and business, is all quite useful.

That an NGO like WWF could have Google participate, and that all the millions of Google users could not avoid reading about the world wide Earth Hour Campaign, this is all good stuff. It's almost like viral marketing.

In fact, it reminds me of a movie advertising campaign currently underway here in New York City, and possibly elsewhere, with disparaging comments about one Sarah Marshall. At bus stops, on taxis, and on buses, there are these signs saying, "I hate you Sarah Marshall," and "I'm so over Sarah Marshall," and "Those jeans DO make you look fat, Sarah Marshall," etc. Apparently, this is all for a movie to be released in June, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Unsure of what this movie is about or even if one will go see the flick, the more it is in our collective subconscious, the easier it is to even recall the name Sarah Marshall. Furthermore, it instigates heavy dialog among friends, strangers, and bloggers who even if they are calling it the most annoying ad campaign ever, are still talking about it.

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