Saturday, March 22, 2008

G-d's Green Soldiers

Sandwiched between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, I sit here on my own Jewish sabbath, a green chick looking for environmental meaning in this very holy time for my 2.1 billion Christian brothers and sisters. So with with great joy I found this great article about Christianity and environmental activism.

The Easter season is an appropriate time for churches to marry spirituality and ecology. "There is something inside us that responds to the Earth coming alive this time of year," said Doug Bland, chairman of the Earth Care Commission with the Arizona Ecumenical Council. "It's also a time when we face our own failings and sins. And as we look around us, we can see our role in the destruction of the planet."

Being a good steward to G-d's earth has been a major theme for the Pope, who continues to speak out as an environmental advocate and even plans to install solar panels on the Vatican.

Just as Easter brings the promise of rebirth and renewal to the Christian Community, so too arises an opportunity engage our friends, family and religious congregations in green dialog and action.

Check Out

Green Lent
- An Episcopal priest living in Wyoming, blogs about ways to include green living in Lent, climate change and resource conservation.

The Regeneration Project - An interfaith ministry devoted to deepening the connection between ecology and faith.

Energy Foundation - An online energy-efficiency store for faith communities sponsored by Interfaith Power & Light.

Creation Care - The Evangelical Environmental Network formed because its members describe many environmental problems as fundamentally being spiritual problems.


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