Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jenna Jameson Covered In Oil

In what is becoming the hottest trend for Hollywood vixens, Jenna Jameson joins the list of PETA pin-up activistas which includes women like Ms Dita Von Teese, Pamela Anderson, and Eva Mendes. Personally, I love the the eye candy photos cum substantive food for thought that sparks interest in animal love. These women seem passionate about our mammalian cousins, and I dig that, but this skivvy clad Jenna Jameson pleather ad has got me to thinking.

Pleather is made from either polyvinyl chloride (most often referred to as PVC) or polyurethane. Both of these petroleum based materials release crazy dioxins during the production phase as well as "organic pollutants", a delicious oxymoron, indeed. What's more, the process of producing a pound of PVC releases CO2 emissions equal to burning a gallon of gas.* The vinyl industry argues that chemical tanning for leather uses carcinogenic hexavalent chromium, which is clearly a sucky alternative, and so at least with pleather the animal's life is spared.

So the debate continues between pleather, leather, and public indecency/going nudey for the cause. Choosing between the latter and the first option, Ms Jameson, who has lost a great deal of weight in the past years (please Jenna, go back to your fighting weight, i.e. porn weight, for all of us thick girls) picks pleather for her PETA photo. But certain questions still persist: Are these vixens vegetarian, as they stand victoriously in front of the PETA banner? Is activism the new spotlight grabber, instead of a sex tape leaked onto the internet ? And most importantly, who heads PETA's PR department because surely they deserve a monster raise.

*Check out this great article to read more about pleather.

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