Sunday, March 9, 2008

What Is G Spotting?

G Spotting is the confluence of a million ideas that have been swirling inside of my head. As a Producer for The Lazy Environmentalist (an easy green, lifestyle radio show and blog), an Account Executive for the Four Hundred (Only High-End Sustainable Fashion Showroom in existence), the Chief Green Amiga for Ride Amigos (A global ride-share website) and a green writer for EcoFabulous, Ecorazzi, and Complex Magazine, I am up to my neck in the new green world order. So, it felt like it was time to start connecting the green dots, or Spots, in one place.

What is up with G-Spotting, really? Firstly, the definition of G-Spot: being exactly on the right point, ripe for stimulation, which results in authentic and intense satisfaction. Secondly, being able to find the spot: knowing how and where to locate the right G. Finally, considering the big G is green, being able to find and keep up with the lighting pace of environmental innovation, sustainable growth, and eco-commerce. Monitoring and connecting the the dots of development and breakthroughs in this new green economy: That is G-Spotting.

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LOAIntentionMan said...

Margaret, I am glad you are moving into this orgasmic world of blogging and from the first couple posts I have read, I plan on being a regular! Looking forward to reading more and keep up the sexy work~! :)

- Matt O'Grady, Associate Publisher,