Sunday, April 20, 2008

Eco Fashion: Tonic Generation Is Smarter Than Your Average Tee

Faintly and distantly we heard rumors that one of our favorite t-shirt companies, Tonic Generation, was collaborating with British fashion superhero Luella. So imagine the rush of excitement to read in this month's Teen Vogue that not only is this rumor true, but these t-shirts are out-of-control awesome.

And here we thought that this company that uses bamboo, responsible manufacturing techniques, and donates survival essentials to developing countries with each product purchase, couldn't get any cooler. Wrong indeed.

Depending on which of the four Luella t-shirts are purchased, a quarter acre of endangered coral reef near Palau, Micronesia is protected; two kids get dental checkups in Columbia; soccer balls are donated through an HIV education program in Africa; or shoes are donated to a child in Abricots, Haiti.

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