Friday, April 25, 2008

Green In The Mainstream

In a perfect green world, we could all buy organic caffeinated beverages in mall food courts and green beauty products in chain drug stores.

But that's not the case... or is it?

Walking down 6th Avenue in NYC, a sign in the window of Bed Bath and Beyond's Cafe Beyond caught our eye: organic coffee. Cafe Beyond is run by Blue Radish, a company that owns 5 cafes located throughout Manhattan, and it offers some organic foods including coffee! Fair trade organic coffee is actually a big deal, considering traditionally grown coffee usually involves truly crap labor standards and clear cutting harvesting techniques.

Earlier in the day down in the Lower East Side on Delancey Street and Essex, we stopped by the Duane Reade for BandAids, and were blown away to see a section with green beauty products from Avalon Organics, Alba, and Burts Bees. Unfortunately, the website doesn't list all of these green brands available for online purchase, but we GSpotted them with our own eyes. Right there on the shelf.

Between Bed Bath and Beyond and Duane Reade, what was previously a weird green trend thing is starting to feel more and more accessible and awesome. Salud to that!

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Brown Girl Gumbo said...

You're right, more and more eco-friendly products are becoming more accessible to the masses, which is always a good thing.

Nice meeting you the other night at the b-ball game. :-)

Adding you to my blogroll!