Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Saab Creates Eco-Fashion Line

In a strange but exciting turn of events, Saab has created a sustainable clothing line. Yeah, Saab, the car company.

I remember my first crush on a Saab car. It was 1998 and my soccer coach, Candi Smith, had a red 1988 Saab hatchback and I thought it was the sweetest designed thing I had ever seen. Since then, my admiration for the unmistakable yet sleek Saab shape has endured.

The kick off of the clothing line compliments the 9-4x BioPower and 9-X BioHybrid concepts. The line is slated to include t-shirts, jerseys, button-down shirts, women's dresses and eventually will incorporate accessories like caps, scarves and bags.

If that specific but modest aesthetic can be maintained in the Saab clothing, all hands on deck these clothes are going to rock hard!

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