Friday, May 16, 2008

Eco Shoes: Smack My A** And Call Me Melissa

I used to be teased back in middle school as one of the only white girls to rock these jelly material sneakers called Melissa Shoes, with bright socks underneath. Yeah, that was my M.O. I was just that girl.

Turns out (insert own back-patting here) Melissa shoes were sustainable the whole time, made from Melflex or recycled plastic. This exceptional Brazilian shoe company has sold over $50 million pairs since its inception in 1971, yet manages to recycle 99.9% of factory water and waste.

But unlike those middle school days, Melissa has gotten high fashion collaborating with shizzam-alicious designers like Alexandre Hercovitch, Karim Rashid, and coming soon Vivienne Westwood and even superstar architect Zaha Hadid (Go Girl!)

So in conclusion, besides ordering a few pairs online as soon as the sabbath is over, I would like say to all my middle school frenemies who tried to pigeon hole me into a white-girl shoebox: MELISSA SHOES ARE STILL THE BOMB!

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