Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NY Times Auto Section Is Seeing Green

Today's Auto section of the NY Times has more green cars than Leonardo DiCaprio's driveway.
Smart Fortwo car

First there is an article about the Smart Fortwo car. Basically, the writer who test drove the car, admires the little beast's pickup and price ($14,000) , as well as precious-ness, but is disappointed with the actual gas mileage (30 mpg in LA proper and 34 on the highway).

Nissan Hybrid Electric prototype
Then this article about Nissan's 2010 hybrid release.

Oily Truth Cartoon from Financial Times' article

The electric/gas powered engine will help alleviate driver's heavy gas burden, as was eloquently discussed in the Financial Time's Op-Ed today by stellar columnist, Gideon Rachman.

Jessica Alba and her Prius in the movie Good Luck Chuck

Finally, an article in the Times Auto section about Hybrid cars in Hollywood. It says that movies tend to have crappy box office success rates if the main characters drive Toyota Priuses. (That sucks, 'cause we GSpotters think conspicuous green like the Toyota Prius, is bold/sexy).

Efficient cars are freaking cool, right?! I mean, with oil at $126 a barrel (it was $26 a barrel in 2003 right before the Iraq war) gas guzzling cars are just so last century.

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Anonymous said...

yup those cars are very cool especially Jessica alba, nice review and spotting cars, keep it up...

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