Saturday, June 7, 2008

All Eyes On Dubai: First Green School In The Middle East

Pac would totally have been green

In 1996 2Pac released a other-worldly good 2 disc album called "All Eyez On Me". Because he is in Machiavelli hiding and not producing records (not dead, folks. You know I'm right), all eyes have got to be on something else. How about Dubai?

Not the green school, but hello Dubai: seriously?
People have been keeping an eye on Dubai and all its bizarre architectural and cultural whirlwind activities for years, but now we have a reason to be GSpotting that ish: they are leading the green school movement in the Middle East.
Sadru Damji of the Taaleem, which runs the schools

It's not to hard to lead, to be fair, as this will be the first green school in the region, but they've go to start somewhere.

In the fall of 2009, the Dubai British School and the Uptown School will have healthier facilities that are LEED silver certified for K-12 students.

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