Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Carpooling Across America "The Change We Seek"


Freaking fantastic last few days here with team "The Change We Seek" a documentary that we will be Gspotting along with for the next 10 days. Who would have known that so much work goes into making a documentary, and driving cross country; and trying to do it all for free.

We started Sunday night with a bang up interview with Huffington Post
green writer and noteworthy green media mafia member, Olivia Zaleski.
As we were all trying to find our own filming groove, we were
simultaneously hearing gems from Ms Zaleski regarding her personal
genesis to being a green writer, public response to the work she is
doing at the Huff Post ( 4 million unique visitors a month so, that
means a lot of eyes on her words).

The team that will be driving the whole time includes Trevor White, a
filmmaker who went to Cornell with both John Zimmer (our film's hero
and founder of Zimride carsharing company) and Ben Lapides, the quick witted cinematographer and schedule master. Next we have Cristina, John's incredibly kind and beautiful Spanish girlfriend working diligently on her English. And finally, myself, Margaret Teich, a sapling of a green writer working on growing into a full fledged tree.

The next day found us ironing out details, having last minute contact
with our sponsors, like the Vermont Clothing Company who are generously
contributing a shit ton of ''The Change We seek'' organic cotton
apparel and car decals. And then it was onto a fabulous dinner at Bobo with
the team, a few extra friends and Tim White, Trevor's brother esteemed filmmaker himself.

Bobo is a sustainable restaurant in the West vVillage (w10th st and 7th
Ave) where Owner Carlos Suarez and sustainability director Emma
Allen (who went to Asheville High School with Margaret, totally
flipping the latter out!) cooked and explained respectively the otherworldy delicious fare. The food served at Bobo is mostly from small organic farms in New York state and the menu changes frequently to accomodate the local growing season. Delicious meal, and all the better considering everything from the water on the table to the restaurant's collaboration a local public school with teaching school children about natural agriculture was mindful and awesome.

On Tuesday morning, brother Tim joined the team at The Riverhouse, a luxury sustainable condominium complex in Battery Park City where famous folks like Leo DiCaprio and Tyra Banks have energy efficient, healthy indoor air quality apartments.

We went to The Riverhouse to interview Josh Dorfman, the CEO of
Vivavi, an eco friendly furniture company whose store front is in the
green condo complex. Josh is also the host and author of the Lazy
, formerly on Sirius Satellite Radio, now going into
production on The Sundance Channel. After Josh told us his take on everything from travel-induced epiphanies and eating dog food (organic) as well as ''unexpected green'' we interviewed Vivavi's New Projects Director Aron Kressner, who delved into the deeper philosophies of being a conscious entrepreneur in our generation.

Today, Wednesday, we begin the car-part of the journey, in our Prius kindly donated by ZipCar and drive to Ithaca, NY to see where the magic friendship began at Cornell for the three boys on the team.


alice said...

GoGo Green Racers! I'm so stizzzoked on yall right now!

B.A. Baracus said...

yeah! this sounds great. can't wait to hear all about it