Sunday, July 27, 2008

Green Universities

In a Princeton Review survey this year of 10,300 college applicants, 63% said that a college’s commitment to the environment could affect their decision to go there.

A great article in today's NY Times called The Campus - Green, Greener, Greenest goes through the attributes that create an eco-laudable college environment. It's actually quite awesome to see the current college aged generation demanding what we should all expect from large campus environments: energy efficiency, alternative energy, water solutions, eco-education, etc. all incorporated into the traditional amenities.

This article is actually well timed for this GSpotter who is looking into sustainable MBA programs, that not only teach green curriculum, but also walk the talk on campus with sustainable facilities and campus wide consciousness. Sites like Beyond Grey Pinstripes are very helpful in outlining those school doing a good job producing thoughtful business savvy graduates.

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