Thursday, July 3, 2008

Putting The ECO back in ECOnomy

HSBC North American headquarters in Mettawa, Illinois

What if folks worked more by being at work less? I'm sure everyone has thought about how much more productive they'd be with a 4 day week, but now HSBC is taking that fantasy and turning it into policy.

The British Bank HSBC has set up their North American headquarters in Mettawa, Illinois (population 500.) The new building has been under contruction for the last 5 years, cost about $100 million, and is going for Gold LEED certification complete with a green roof, energy efficiency, grey water management, etc.

But the real kicker showing HSBC's commitment to sustainability is their work week: HSBC employees are allowed to work as many as two days a week at home to enable them to save time and money on commuting. Nearly 20 percent of the workers sometimes work at home.

Now that's ECOnomic incentive.

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