Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sexy Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

Fuel Cell Car Kit

Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered Scorpion...bum side

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Scorpion

Sometimes one comes across an image so striking, itbecomes a near obsession. That has been the case for us GSpotters with the Fuel Cell Car Kit from Fat Brain Toys. I mean, once we realized that for less than $130 bucks, we could create a vehicle that essentially runs off water, we were hooked.

How serendipitous then, to be perusing TheCool and see a sleek driveable version of our obsession, Ronn Motor Company's Scorpion, in all it's black and green sexy glory. The car uses a 'hydrogen on demand' technology, which generates water from a holding tank, turns it into hydrogen and then injects it into the car's system. Not only does this approach allow fuel mileage to increase by between 20 to 40%, it also reduces carbon emissions to nearly zero.

This eco-beast will be availble in 2009 for about $150,000.

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