Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lower East Side Fashion Show

This past Sunday afternoon found Lower East Side shops boasting their coolest vintage, eco, and even s&m fashion wares in the form of a slammin fashion show, Flipside. This video is of fantastic GSpotting friends Dion and Joe (our homegirl Parisa came too) watching and commenting with Margaret on intricate details of the show. We especially loved Hairy Mary's Vintage, The Dressing Room, and Kaight shop.


alice said...

CLEARLY we're not in Bryant Park anymore! heard that soundbite, D.

RemyC said...

Hey, I was there! I'm the dude shooting pictures of the homeless guy! You can see my page from the day on www.rockthereactors.com and also www.eco-chick.com. I've since been talking to Saint Lounge about them introducing a sustainable Penthouse fashion line... It's about time Pets Go Green!