Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Pedicure Fish: Weird Spa Treatments... Cruel?

A friend of GSpotting and the editor of Sprig, Jeanie Pyun, just wrote this piece for Huffington Post about a new pedicure treatment involving fish that eat away the dead skin on your feet.


Apparently this fishy pedi is offered in a spa in Alexandria, Virginia and the Turkish Doctor Fish, or Garra rufa, which do all the work, are gaining notoriety. Clearly, PETA is all over that sh*t regarding the obvious animal rights abuses (wait, soapy lotion water isn't a healthy marine habitat?) but the spa insists that no fish have died yet and that the water temperature and environment are quite agreeable.

To be fair, I bet those fish get nice and close on pesky toe cuticles that are so hard to trim with scissors...

**Shout out to B Kargs for the reminder to post a new entry as we are steady trying to study for the GMAT. A little motivation keeps the GSpotting team on the prowl.

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Anonymous said...

fish pedicure is now popular all over the world. but to be frank i still prefer the normal pedicure, n tht to done at home. My sister does it for me n even i do it for her. i read about it in this article as to how to go about it.
and u kw wht sometimes we do it for mom n aunts n get some extra perks for it. lol..