Friday, August 22, 2008

Y-3 Yohji Yammamato for Sigg

It's all about unexpected beverage containers today with us GSpotters; don't know why.

Check these Sigg for Y-3 Yohji Yammamato reusable water bottles, which kick serious A**. In the past, Y-3 has collaborated with other active companies like Adidas, and created supremely designed products for about 3 times the price. Such is the case with these sweet, limited edition Y3 Sigg water bottles which go for $90 each (a regular Sigg is about $20). We stopped by the Y-3 store in the West Village, NYC yesterday, and the shop dude swore the price hadn't deterred a single buyer and they had only 4 left in stock. High end luxury, meet functional eco- products.

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