Thursday, September 11, 2008

Doucette Duvall: Eco-Fashion For People Who Like Pretty Things

"Mer" by Doucette Duvall
"Ruthie" by Doucette Duvall
Singer Rihanna was seen rocking this "Audrey" trench

Big ups to the DC Goodwill Fashion Blog and its resident Goodwill fashionista for making the trek up to NYC for Spring 2009 Fashion Week, and bringing a fresh and lively perspective to boot.  Just when team GSpotting was getting a little frazzled by the "scene", the DC Goodwill vantage brought a show and designer to our attention that had somehow slipped from our radar.

Enter Doucette Duvall.  Design team Stephanie Doucette and Annebet Duvall manufacture in the historic NYC garment district using only pre-existing fabrics and trim, and ship in recycled boxes.  More than just socially responsible and eco-friendly, the clothing is totally wearable and flirty.

The Doucette Duvall blog keeps up to date DD sightings as celebs like Rihanna and Zoe Buckman (David Schwimmer's girlfriend) rock their ethical fashion looks.

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