Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Eko-Laborative Event

"Support Organic Farming - A Horse Dress" by Mika Machida, in organic cotton

Xing-Zheng Chung-Hilyard's hand-crocheted organic angora yarn "purse" with live fish in fish bowl.

Xing-Zheng Chung-Hilyard's "High Wire Artist" dress in organic cotton and hemp, painted with Earthues.

"African Seed Pearl Magic" by Johanna Hofring -- organic linen dyed with Earthues and seeds from Kenya

Check out this story on Hearst's The Daily Green:

The highest compliment an eco-fashion show can get is a strong nod of approval from non-green critical friends. That is why I brought my dear friend Kora, a gold sparkle nail polish/Forever 21 obsessed photographer and tech master, and my gay bestie Dionysus (his actual name is that of the Greek G-d of wine and party, which pretty much sums it up) to the Eko-Laborative show. The organic, "fair-made," and sustainable fashion exhibition was fun for me, cause I love this green fashion thing; but also proved to be a hit with the homies.

The pieces were arranged in a semi-circle on graceful mannequins in a well lit room with a grand spiral staircase leading to delicious organic food and wine. No detail was left unconsidered from the plantable seed paper upon which the show's information was printed on to the live music.

Most importantly, were the graceful gowns in organic linen, cotton, wool, silk, hemp, recycled glass, etc., dyed with low-impact Earthues. The show included 12 Designers who crocheted with precision, beaded with refined skill, and created looks that were both super feminine and flattering to the female form, while still being art-like.


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Awesome! Thanks for the shout out marg!