Monday, December 22, 2008

Ode To Anti-Body Eco Beauty Products

As professional eco-friendly product experts reviewers, we G Spotters get to try our fair share of health/earth conscious beauty products. And in general, all of the swag smells nice, is sting-less if it accidentally gets in our eyes, and cleanses/moisturizes/tones yadda yadda. But every once in a while there is a product that quite literally changes our lives and this time, the life changer goes by the name of Anti-Body Lavender Sugar Scrub.

In an unprecedented display of exfoliating power and moisturizing rejuvenation, this product does it all. Never before have we used sugar for anything other than to sweeten tea/coffee, but apparently it is a staple in the beauty world. And the righteously awesome Anti-Body takes it to another level, as this is the first fair trade sugar scrub of its kind, sloughing and polishing even the ruddiest of winter epidermis. Seriously, after a shower with this scrub you feel so moisturized that lotion is completely unnecessary.

Go out and get this product. We sh*t you not, this will change your shower experience, forever.

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