Friday, January 30, 2009

Dirty South Come Hard: Athens Style Goes Green

If you attended a big ol' public university in the south like us GSpotters (TarHeels, Baby!!) then you probably already know about the homogeneous fashions worn by most of the Sorority girls. No hate, we have friends who were in sororities. Even our wonderful roomate Erin was in one. But just saying, they all pretty much adhere to a strict uniform made up of of North Face polartec jacket, Sperry deck shoes, Croakies brand sunglasses string, Sevens or Citizens Jeans, New Balance tennis shoes, and pearl earrings the size of plums.

How completely unexpected and wonderful then to come across UGA STYLE, a site devoted to the more quirkier and fashion forward folks Athens, GA.

The site's blogtastic proprietor, Allie, is also a contributor to Ethical Style and wrote this piece about Athens' up and coming green fashion scene, specifically the boutique Nourish.

Way to go Allie! Keep the photos of the daringly stylish kids Georgia coming and don't let the homogenity get you down. And keep reminding your fellow Bull Dawgs that unless it's around their dorm rooms, just Say No To UGGS!!!

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