Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lucky Eco Girl

Hey GSpotters! It has been a while since our last entry, and for that we apologize. But with our new President working so hard: raising automobile fuel efficiency standards to 35 miles per gallon by 2011 and re-committing funds (that our last Prez cut) towards family planning and the United Nations Populations Fund, we were inspired to get off our duffs and get to work. So here we go:

Yesterday, GSpotter Margaret had a day-long photo shoot with Lucky Magazine. The photos will go in a section called My Foolproof Outfit, highlighting working women and transitioning day attire to night without having to head home. Margaret's glossy debut, with a summary of her daily work with eco-blogs like Strawberry Earth and The Lazy Environmentalist will be in Lucky's annual Green Issue hitting stands come April. True to strict ethical and fabulous standards, all of the attire is manufactured with fair labor standards and sustainabley sourced materials. Thanks to Photographer Susan, Hair/Makeup Stylist Renee, and Lucky Editor Heather for making our little GSpotter Margaret look hott!

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Jessalee said...

Margaret, I've been keeping up with you through the blog, and it's so exciting to see you doing such big things! Changing the world and looking fabulous at the same time. Makes me proud to say I-knew-her-when. I will be the first one at the newsstand to catch that issue of Lucky!