Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What is a Real O G? Is it Green, necessarily?

Usually, the content of this blog pertains to spotting G as in Green. But when there are other, meaningful G* sightings, like this one, it only seems right that they too should be posted.

These two brothers and a girlfriend (gf of one of the brothers) were waiting at the Prince Street stop on the train a few days back. I couldn't pass them without being dazzled by their thoughtfully synchronized outfits.

From the matching bros Yankees fitted hats to the to the identical Nikes on all three of them (though hers were the "girl" version) these cool kids were just working it. Even if the garb wasn't "green" per se, it was conscious and sustainable; the three were interacting with such kindness and love that their "look" clearly went beyond just precise wardrobe.

In 2009, may we all put this kind of thought into our style and interpersonal relationships.

* Also known as an Old Gangster, O G, or Real O G, you definitely know a G when you see one.

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