Monday, February 16, 2009

Alexander McQueen: Not Eco At All...

But hella cool none-the-less. In bringing edgy avant-garde punk fashion to the masses, we shall salute him with a blog entry. However, it should just be noted that the most successful Target-high fashion designer collaboration was Rogan Gregory with his sustainable collection.

<-------------GSpotters Kora, Nicole, and Margaret pose for the cameras.

We G Spotters hit up Alexander McQueen for Target's opening party (?), rock concert (?), shopping event(?), before advancing to a Mexican inspired Valentine's Dinner on Saturday night. Two observations from the evening: 1. Alexander McQueen is a total badass, and in his collection limited his color pallette to pink grey and black and utterly rocks out with with runaway zippers and one shouldered shapes on tops, dresses, and bathing suits. 2. Gorging oneself on guacamole, fajitas, AND sopapilla with homegirls isn't so much a romantic Valentine's Dinner as cause for alarm.

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