Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alice Waters: Fresh Produce and Sustainable Food NO JOKE

Alice Waters was interviewed by Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes on Sunday Night and though we GSpotters rarely agree with the often mean (but funny) celebrity/politics site Gawker.com, we have to give them credit for a very good post-show post. In an entry they call, Crazy Food Hippie Actually on to Something, Gawker points out how elitist Stahl is in the interview - something loyal 60 Minutes viewers have been saying for years- and also highlights a few points that the Bay Area slow-foods/sustainable foods chef should have touched upon.

If she'd had some media prep before the interview, Water's would have mentioned that we Americans spend less on food than ever before, so buying local, organic, and safe ingredients isn't a "luxury" (Stahl's word) as much as blast from the past. Maybe paying a bit more for food isn't a new thing, or a bad thing, if we get more quality products.

Also, Gawker points out that just a few hours after the segment aired, the Nicholas Kristoff of the NY Times reported that 6% of all pork carries the deadly staph infection, MRSA, that kills 18,000 Americans each year. MRSA thrives on the antibiotics fed to traditionally raised Pork and so paying a premium for free range, organic Pork isn't a luxury so much as just a health precaution.

We GSpotters would also add the benefits of families who grocery shop and eat together, tend to eat healthier, according to a study by North Dakota State University. Shopping at the Farmer's Market is much more interesting and fun and only further encourages families to eat and live in a healthier way.

Kudos to Gawker for connecting the dots and moving beyond stereotypes and snark.

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