Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stanky Landfill Gas Power: Methane, y'all!

Not for nothing, the GSpotting team has had some ill, stanky, powerful gas as of late. Perhaps we are feeling a bit nostaligic for Western North Carolina and so we've been cooking up lots of okra and Morning Star Farm veggie burgers (hmmm, veggie burgers with pickles...), which is good for generating gas. Also good for generating gas is a landfill.

The power of booty gas doesn't even come close to the methane that powers the largest SC Johnson's factory, in Racine Wisconsin, reports our GSpotting home girl and CNN Money green correspondent Olivia Zaleski. Apparently, SC Johnson - who makes products like Ziplock bags and Windex- uses the supa-stank landfill gas to cover 50% of their electricity needs each year and in doing so annually reduce 52,000 tons of CO2 emissions while saving them millions of dollars annually.

Great story, Oliva! Stank on y'all.

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