Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bagtrends.com - Green Arm Candy

Allison Teich shows off her bags

Last night was the Green Arm Candy soiree, hosted by Bagtrends. Team Gspotting was in full gear with brother Gabe as the photographer and sister Margaret asking the questions.

Bag highlights from the evening included Passchal, a Virginia based company converting recycled inner tubes into bags and Gspotting crowd-pleaser Ashley Watson, who makes her gorgeous purses from refashioned vintage motorcycle jackets. Also, TEICH (no relation, weirdly) had some rocking pieces.

Also, it was great to see our old friends Mattie and Hannah, two teens from Teens for Safe Cosmetics. These ladies were written up in this month's Teen Vogue for the work they do to promote safer, greener cosmetics and were in last year's fabu Teens Turning Green Fashion show.

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