Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eco-Hip Hop? HOT 97 Goes Green!

We don't know how this escaped the radar for so long, but our favorite hip hop radio station in NYC, Hot 97 has a huge Green Initiative! This is unbelievably exciting considering Hot 97 has the best DJs in NYC, plays the best in contemporary and throw back mainstream hip hop and R&B music, and now they are putting on all their listeners to green tips and ideas.

Some of their initiatives included an event on March 20th partnering with TerraCycle, where a FREE iTunes downloads for every 4 vinyl records or 8 CDs turned in, instead of thrown out. TerraCyle is one of our favorite home-grown worm poop to fertilizer companies based in Trenton New Jersey founded by a couple of friends from Princeton who dropped out to make this super-sustainable poop product that is now sold in Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and other gardening heavy hitters.

They also have info about recycling in NYC, public transportation innovation, and clips from the Live Earth concerts.

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