Monday, March 17, 2008

Old Faithful College Sweatshirt - Organic Please?

As my alma mater UNC's men's basketball team sailed to a huge victory yesterday against Clemson to win the ACC Tournament Championship, I had but a few thoughts in mind. 1)Is it healthy to love the fair state of North Carolina and its hard working people (and basketballers) as much as I do. 2) Is there anything more simple and concrete than the notion that Carolina=Good, Duke=Evil. 3) Where can a person get an organic cotton, Made in America hooded college sweatshirt.

About 8 months ago I lost my old Carolina hoodie; the grey one that said UNC in dark blue letters on the front, which saw me through most of my college days. Since that fateful seperation, I have been desperately seeking to replace the garment, but not wanting to buy a traditional cotton, Made in China, version. If I'm going to shell out the $65 plus for the sweatshirt, at least let it be a well made, well intentioned sweatshirt.

I have scoured the web searching for organic college gear. If anyone has g spotted eco carolina hoodies, please let me know!

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