Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You Are Not Alone, Governor Spitzer

Thanks to my sister, Alice, for G Spotting this great article in Tikkun Magazine by Rabbi Michael Lerner about the recent infidelity/prostitution scandal that has come to light for former NY Governor, Elliot Spitzer. In his piece, Rabbi Lerner suggests that America's obsession with sexual perversity has obscured the bigger and even more perverse issues at hand: our politicians treatment of the war in Iraq, global warming inaction, and extreme world-wide wealth disparity.

The notion that our elected officials are being unfaithful to their spouses, their constituents, and the ideals upon which our country is founded on has lead me to the following question: What am I unfaithful to in my pursuit of a conscious, sustainable life?

If you type in "eco unfaithful" into Google, a website called Cheat Neutral comes up. Unsure if this is a joke or not, Cheat Neutral offsets your cheating by funding someone else to be faithful and NOT cheat. This neutralizes the pain and leaves you with a clear conscience.

It is interesting to think of the ways in which we as consumers, cheat on our green ideals.

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