Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gossip Girl Goes Green? OMG That Would Rock!

Gossip Girls Serena "S" and Blair "B"

It is official, Gossip Girl, is the most amazing show ever. This beautifully written New York Magazine article proves it, once and for all.

If only the show's stylist Eric Daman, formerly an assistant stylist for Sex and the City, would call us G Spotters to do some eco-fashion consulting for Blair, Serena, Dan (so dreamy) and the gang. We'd trick S out in a sparkly yet bohemian Elsom Sequin Kimono Dress and an Emily Katz Recycled Denim "Perfect" Trench and then put B in an edgy yet classic Julia Smith bronze "Grace Couture" strapless dress.

Emily Katz Perfect Trench

Elsom Sequined Kimono Dress
Julia Smith "Grace Couture" hemp silk dress

Why not be your own fabulous Eco Gossip Girl and get the above styles at Fashion Conscience and The Green Loop

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