Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Loomstate and Sundance Party at Barney's: One Too Many Organic Cocktails?

For Earth Day yesterday, unfortunately we didn't plant trees. Instead, we partied.

Rogan Gregory
, head designer of Loomstate, collaborated yesterda with the Sundance Channel and Barney's (where both his Rogan and Loomstate collections are sold) to celebrate his Target collection and Earth Day.

Best Earth Day ever! Picture the scene: Barney's 8th floor lit up (hopefuly LED bulbs) in pink, organic Vodka 360 cocktails (the official spirit of the Sundance Film Festival this year), Kate Nash rocking hard(so small yet mighty-voiced), great food, and tons of celebs. Not only was green hunk Josh Dorfman there in a fashionable Nau get-up, we also G Spotted Tracee Ellis Ross from our second favorite CW channel show, Girlfriends. Gossip Girl will forever and always be number one!

This GSpotter, outfitted in a black Beau Soliel halter dress, was impressed with the whole vibe, through and through. Local organic hors devours, great music, beautiful people giving a s**t; what could be more perfect? Perhaps when I went up to the man of the hour, Mr. Rogan Gregory and shaking his hand saying, "What you are doing with Target is so awesome, man. Really, dude. You are so important to this whole... thing!" *One too many organic cocktails, young GSpotter.

*The same thing happened when we met Mos Def in the East Village, but that is another story for another blog entry...


H. said...

360 is NOT ORGANIC. Read the label.

Margaret said...

Something to ponder, h. Thanks for the heads up! Guess we need to swill less and study-up a bit more.