Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Organic Peanut Butter Is Such A Swell Idea

We G Spotters dig peanut butter. Really dig peanut butter. We like it on bread, bananas, a spoon (with or without Nutella), on apples, whatever. And sometimes we feel guilty for eating such a high fat food, even though it is also high protein.

So, how awesome was it for us to come across this NY Times article about a more righteous peanut butter. The article from last year states that more acres are devoted to growing peanuts than any other fruits, vegetable or nut, according to the U.S.D.A. About 99 percent of peanut farms use conventional farming practices, including the use of fungicide to treat mold, a common problem in peanut crops.

So, switching to organic peanut butter like Arrowhead Mills or Peanut Better allows us to be support farms doing the right thing for our personal health and our planet's health. Pass the spoon; we'll dig in the jar for movement.

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