Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bless You John Masters!!

Margaret before the treatment

Margaret after the treatment

Today was a big day for G Spotter, Margaret. She had the great fortune and pleasure of getting the full treatment hair service at John Masters Organic Salon in Soho, NYC.

The salon is ABOVE and BEYOND awesome! We drank wine and organic tea, sat in refurbished vintage chairs, and watched the hair cutting process reflected in antique full length mirrors. There was a woman holding her 10 day old baby while getting a deep conditioning treatment (many of their clients are either pregnant or new mothers because of the non-toxic healthy air quality in the salon, and strict chemical free products).

John Masters Salon in Soho

Unlike other green body/hair companies, John Masters' products include hard to find natural options for hair styling products like a defrizzer, pomade as well as shampoos and conditioners. The main difference between a traditional styling gel, for instance, and John Masters' styling gel is that his contain 1. No sodium lauryl sulfate or parabens, 2. No GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism) 3. No petro-chemicals, 4. No animal testing, and 5. No artificial colors, fragrances or fillers.

Natural Pomade - Not an oxymoron!

John is truly a chemical-free beauty pioneer. He has been creating superior luxury hair products from oils, herbs, and even vegetables (?!) for the past 30 years, first in his kitchen and then in his own, proper salon. His products are sold throughout the US in Whole Foods and hair salons, at Sephora in France, and Marks & Spencer and Harrods in the UK. Even with all of his success, John remains a warm, optimistic, and very knowledgeable beauty activist, stopping our conversation intermittently to pet his dog Maya (who hangs out in the salon) and encourage his stylists with a compliment or joke.

Shout out to stylist Brian for hooking me up with a deep conditioning/scalp massage which he concocted right in front of me from lavender, avocado oil, and other delicious-smelling goopy natural ingredients. After the treatment, we both lathered the conditioner into our hands like a lotion, something you would NEVER see at a traditional salon. (My hands are still soft and sweet smelling, 6 hours later).

Also, a big thanks to Amanda, who cut my hair and gave me a sweet blow-out, even without using a silicon based product to smooth it out (most blow-outs need the assistance of the silicon, which strips and suffocates the hair).

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