Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Teen Eco Ambassadors From The Weather Channel

Aspiring Young Climate Expert

Forecast Earth held a climate conference in early December and invited teenage Eco Ambassadors from around the country to attend. Forecast Earth is the Weather Channel's green arm replete with a blog, green lifestyle articles, and videos.
Charles S Ferrer

From the teen ambassadors' profiles, there are a few earth advocates and rising environmentalist, but also just some plain ol' weather junkies. For instance, this student, Charles S Ferrer from NJ attends weather conferences, provides storm reports to the local newspaper, and is being certified with the National Weather Service as an Advance SKYWARN spotter.

As a child, this G Spotter's dear friend and neighbor Dana would endlessly watch hours of the Weather Channel with her dad Howie. It's great to see kids breaking through the reality TV lull and apathy most folks associate their generation with, and taking a stand on one of the biggest challenges our earth has ever faced. It is also just great to see young weather-aholics are still on the prowl to track (and one day curb) extreme weather events.

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