Friday, May 2, 2008

Canadians Will Wear Eco-Uniforms at the Beijing Olympics

According to EcoTextileNews, all the Canadian athletes will be outfitted in sustainable uniforms for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Depending on the sport, uniforms will be made from organic cotton, bamboo, and Cocona (made from coconut waste!) which naturally provides UV protection, stretch, odor resistance, and wicking and cooling properties, all found naturally in these sustainable fibers.

“The collection is eco-friendly and was designed with athletes’ input to ensure the Canadian team has ideal clothing to excel in Beijing‘s hot summer temperatures,” said a statement from the Hudson Bay Company, which is outfitting the Olympic team. Replica jerseys will be available through the Hudson Bay Company for Canuk fans, too.

Major shout out to Canada and the Hudson Bay Company for their sustainable fashion vision and pragmatic leadership. Plus, we've got to check out more about this
Cocona fabric. I mean, holy cow it seems a green-minded athlete's dream fiber!

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