Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lily van der Woodsen (Mom From Gossip Girl) Is Green, Too.

Kelly Rutherford aka Lily van der Woodsen

Gossip Girl, aka the apple of our eyes, has a green gal in the cast. Actress Kelly Rutherford plays Serena's hot mom Lily van der Woodsen on this amazing TV show. But unlike like her character who probably could care less about energy efficiency and environmental activism, Kelly shows love for new micro mini CFLs (compact flourescent lightbulbs) from Sylvania.

If each American household switched a traditional bulb for one of these babies, the offset CO2 emissions would be equivalent to taking 1 million cars off the road. What's more, these Energy Star rated bulbs last 11 years.

Way to go, Lily van der Woodsen. Even if you aren't going to follow your heart back to Dan's dad, Rufus (Oh, watch the show for Pete's sake.)

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