Thursday, May 8, 2008

Girl, Are Those Cork Shoes On Your Feet?

Christian Louboutin peep toe cork pump

Has the red-sole king himself, Lord Christian Louboutin finally hit the green wall, too? We hope so! At least he chiggity checked himself enough to create these fire-liciously hot cork shoes.
Martin Margiela cork boot
These Martin Margiela cork boots, on the other hand, are a bit OD (over dose/over done/ oh, demented).

Cork is natural product which comes from the outer bark of a cork oak tree. While the bark is harvested about every 9 years, the tree remains intact. Many architects use cork as a flooring material, started way back in 1937 by the architect king, Frank Lloyd Wright, because it is soft and warm underfoot, and comes in many different colors.

Remember a few years ago when folks couldn't get enough of the raffia espadrille - Puleez, that is so '04. Cork is so the new raffia*!

*Hmm, wonder if raffia is eco-friendly?

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