Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Give Me Two Pairs: So I Can Get To Stomping In My Eco Air Force Ones

Kanye West Graduation Air Force Ones
Air Force One Matrix
Freshy Fresh White Air Force Ones With Carolina Blue

Hopefully we all remember the delightfully stupid Nelly song from about 4 years ago, "Give me two pair (said perr), I need two pair; So I can get to stomping in my Air Force Ones" all about Nike Air Force Ones. Well now we all have a reason to cop one or two pairs!

Climate Counts is an organization that ranks companies on their level of commitment to curb greenhouse gas emissions. The companies are scored based on 22 criteria regarding their transparency on climate policies, if they measure their carbon footprint, if they supported global warming legislation, and what efforts they've taken to reduce their climate impact.

Out of a score of 100, Nike got 82 points placing them at number 1 on the list. For all the companies and their rankings, check out the complete list.

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