Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Green Jeans, Not Blue Jeans! (yessir)

KohZu cannabis (hemp) jeans

This is an unexpected and cool blog entry on eco-denim at KitMeOut.com. Us G Spotters had never checked this site out, but it's a fashion weblog focused on mostly sophisticated street wear and urban lifestyle gear. Think Kanye West type clothing.

Sugar Cane jeans made from, you guessed it, sugar cane

The article talks about some bad mama-jama men's jeans companies like Sugar Cane where some of the jeans are made from sugar cane, some are just re-woven vintage denim, woven using an ancient Japanese weaving technique. KohZo Denim is made with hibiscus, bamboo, pineapple, cannabis, and more. KOhZO dyes consist of pure indigo, vegetable, natural mud, fruit, and charcoal the fabrics are semi-hand woven on traditional shuttle looms. The article also mentions NOHARM clothing whose denim is in this same urban style.

Nice work, urban fashion sneaker head mavens. This is some next next fashion.

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