Monday, May 26, 2008

Kids Like Eco Fashion, Too! Alright?! Now Where's My Juice?

Halabaloo yellow eyelet coat

These fantastic photos are currently in a slideshow in the Pulse section of the NY Times called What's a Girl to Wear? Two thumbs enthusiastically up for the photos themselves and the actual garments the little models are wearing. But, what's the point in dropping loot like that on sassy children's clothes when it isn't organic? Little bodies have little immune delicate systems that shouldn't have to deal with the nasty toxins that are used in growing traditional fibers and can be embedded in the fabric, too.

Kule cotton dress

Just a thought, but why don't all three designers featured in these pics use organic materials? For kids and babies, organic fabrication seems like a no brainer.

Kid by Phillip Lim cotton dress

For healthier clothing options that are equally hot-to-trot, check out organic kids clothiers Kiwi Industries or Speesees. Your kids will thank you.


America said...

OMG! Eco-fashion for kids is such a great idea. Designers are contributing by putting out eco-friendly merchandise, which just promotes going green even more. I mean Come on, it's already one of the hottest trends of 2008. I definitely caught on to it. I just recently went all the way green and I love it. One of the best things that I've done so far was switch to bioheat. Can you say AWESOME? It's heating oil+organic materials like soybean oil= FABULOUS. And OMG during the winter it's my best friend. It's a necessity right along with my ugg boots.

If I wasn't working for NORA I would not be aware of how popular "going green" is. Now that I've crossed over I'm encouraged to find out fun ways to help preserve the earth. I got lots of great info from:

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greenedgekids said...

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