Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Tribute To Adrian Grenier

Adrian with his Alter Eco crew Angela Lindvall, Boise Thomas and Darren Moore

It's official, I'm completely enamored by Adrian Grenier. Not just his sensitive love-me eyes, or moppy 'I could careless' hair, or even his perma-calm that both Entourage character Vincent Chase, and he himself sassily exude; although all those things are great.

Adrian Grenier is just so fire

No, I love Adrian Grenier because he loves his Mother Earth. And just in case I didn't love her enough before, his love makes me want to love that much harder. To show his love and cute face for adoring fans like me all across the US, Adrian and three friends are working on a show for Discovery Green called Alter Eco where they peruse LA doing all things green.

Even in spandex for Halloween, the boy's got it

Two of my favorite hip hop emcees, Murs and Slug from Atmosphere, came together a few years ago to create an album entitled, "A Tribute To Christina Ricci." And in that vein, I would like to announce that when and if my first record drops, it will be entitled, "A Tribute To Adrian Grenier."

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