Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Slight Correction To A Previous Spotting

So this is just to correct an entry we G Spotted a few weeks ago about the Banana Republic Green Capsule Collection. As it turns out, some of the "organic" pieces have as little as 5% organic cotton in them. I mean, dayumn Banana, if ya'll are gonna do it, do it right! Sure every little bit helps, but 5%?! What's up with that.

When folks talk about "green washing", they are referring to companies that make a product or service that seems more eco-friendly than it is, either because they don't know any better or because they think it will help public perception.

Dear Mr and Mrs Republic,
Please be advised that your son, Banana, might be infected with a green wash bug that is going around school and is being sent home immediately.
Best, Nurse G.

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Nicole said...

margaret teich

you are sincerely hilarious.
i commented on your blog!