Monday, June 30, 2008

Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson Unify:

While watching the guilty pleasureful promising new show "Lipstick Jungle" for free streaming online at, which is super boss if you haven't yet checked it out, we GSpotted the most stricking commercial. Pat Robertson and Al Sharpton sitting on a couch and advocating for We Can Solve It.

Just because they could get these two very different dudes on a couch and agree on something, we checked out This is part of Al Gore's a nonprofit, nonpartisan Alliance For Climate Protection to address the climate change.

Between Pat and Al, and other action based efforts like links to green collar jobs initiatives, We Can Solve It is a bomb website.

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lu-n-am said...

oh wow. bizarro-ness ensues. i wander what kind of convo they had while doing that?

love your blog. it always has interesting tidbits. :)

i also linked you in one of our latest posts.