Tuesday, July 1, 2008

3G iPhone: Greener Apple

Although they are the most bad Apple company around (hello product design, store layout, hotties staffing the Genius Bar), they aren't always the greenest Apple in the bunch.

But lo-and-behold it all, their new 3G iPhones come in biodegradable potato starch packaging. Solid, Steve Jobs!

PaperFoam even makes starch CD jewel cases

Dutch company PaperFoam has developed a technology to inject a mixture of starch and water into a mold, and create an affordable and perfectly comparable paper-like package. The process is not reliant upon oil, and so the prices do not depend on fluctuating oil prices. Now that's some novel s**t.


Dion said...
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Dion said...

This is awesome! I'm glad to see big corporations are finally moving away from styrofoam with sustainable packaging. Other big tech companies like Canon are now considering making the switch-- Go Apple! Great title to your post as well :)