Saturday, June 21, 2008

Eco Transportation: Amtrak Numbers Go Up And So Does Travel Fashion

NY Times article about the drastic increase in Amtrak ridership in May due to increased gas prices and subsequently higher plane tickets.

This clearly made us GSpotters begin musing about fabulous, green train riding attire. Because one cannot be riding in a regal train car in sweatpants, as is the norm for air travel these days. It's just so uncouth.

First we'd start with this top from Super Lucky Cat made from Vintage Scarves available at Then we'd pair it with organic cotton white trousers by Del Forte for sale online at The shoes would be cotton chambray Cri de Coeur slingbacks available at To bring it all together in a cohesive look fit for a rail rockstar, we'd add a Mad Imports renewable raffia clutch from

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Raina said...

This is so cute! Luke told me about your blog. You should totally start a green mag. This is awesome! I would definitely subscribe. I'm going to link to this blog and share the goodness.
Peace, lady,