Thursday, June 26, 2008

How To Mobilize The Youth? Facebook

We were just asked to join the Facebook group 20,000,000 for lower gas prices. Since it's inception on June 2nd, this group has grown to over 170,000 members. The comment board for this group has more than 1,000 entries and some are surprising like, "should be "20,000,000 for higher gas prices." The only way to convince people to invest in alternative fuels and to conserve energy is to raise energy costs," and "There often aren't other options to using a car. I work shifts so cannot car share, and the bus takes 90 minutes to get to work, whereas a car journey takes me 15. Using public transport isn't possible for most of my shifts either."

The only logical next step is a way to vote for senators, congress people, and president on Facebook.

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