Friday, June 27, 2008

Nau is Back, Biotches!!

When sweet outdoor sustainable apparel company Nau shut it's doors 6 weeks ago, and folks were bummed. Why? Because Nau was a company with killer designers (plucked from powerhouses like Nike and Patagonia), an awesome mission (fashion forward clothes), and hella mindful manufacturing processes.

Well let's all believe in goodness of the universe folks, cause Nau is back! Horny Toad, another mainstay in outdoor apparel, has purchased Nau and will help them learn the ropes. Just like Gspotting sister Alice looked out for us as as freshmen at Asheville High (she was a cool senior!), Horny Toad will make sure Nau stays in with the right crowd.

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Lynarafuzz said...

I've been trying to figure out if it was you; now I know for sure! I dig the blog: keep it comin' grrl!