Sunday, August 10, 2008

An Eco Evening Bag Carrie Would Carry

Carrie woul carry the sh*t out of this precious recycled license plate clutch by Littlearth

Carrie carried the sh*t out of this Judith Lieber Cupcake miniaudiere in Sex and the City

Remember the 1999 episode from Sex and the City, The Caste System, in which Big gives Carrie a Judith Leiber miniaudiere in the shape of a duck, and she questions the relationship based on said gift, "Does he even know me at all?"

If the answer is yes, you probably also remember the Leiber Cupcake evening clutch "miniaudiere" that Carrie carries in the S and the C movie released in May. PS, that little thing goes for $4,295.

Ok, stay with us because here is where the GSpotting team feels like we actually might know Carrie's taste (or Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field) better than Big did.

Carrie, if she was a real person, would most likely shreak with joy over Littlearth's SuperFlair Evening Bag. Littlearth makes these bags out of recycled license plates, and for less than $200, they are pretty sweet when tricked out with Swarovski crystals, right?

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