Monday, August 11, 2008

P Diddy, Donnie Klang, and a Prius

Diddy and Donnie

done done it again rocketing Donnie Klang (previously part of "The Band" from MTV's Making the Band) into the spotlight with a new hit, Take You There. Like most Diddy videos, this 4 minute music video features champagne, half nudey women, the protege in question (Donnie Klang) and a phat ride. The jump-off that makes this video so fresh is that the hot chick who picks up Diddy/Donnie from the liquor store to take them to the hot-n-wild house party, drives a sexy black Toyota Prius!

Now, usually the rapper/singer drives a big Escalade or Mercedes to the hot-n-wild house party, but the fact that the boyz carpool to the spot with the ladies in the Prius shows vision on the part of Diddy, Donnie, and director Ray Kay.

And so, major shout out to "Take You There", Donnie Klang, and Diddy.

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